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May Traffic Report

Homicide Watch was covered in CJR’s The Audit yesterday (I’ll get to that later), and  ”JLD” left this comment:

HW is a noble effort, but reporting every instance of a specific event sounds like hamsters spinning. Also (and I hate to say this), I wonder just how many eyeballs HW will garner in the long term? Unfortunately, our society tends not to care about what poor people do to each other.

A quick look at our traffic answers this common question.

Homicide Watch saw three days with more than 20,000 pageviews each in May, helping us break our monthly traffic record (we closed the month with 321,617 pageviews) and reach a big goal: 3 million pageviews.

We also set our new highest daily pageview record: 24,362 on May 22.

Our other metrics were good this month, too. Time on site in May was 5:25, which also happens to be our average. We had 5.79 pages per vist and a bounce rate of 37.86 percent. 

Reaching that 3 million all-time pageviews was a big deal. It was just four months ago that we hit 2 million.

And we’re well on our way to 4 million: May ended with 3,075,000 all-time pageviews.

So, beyond the metrics, is there an audience? Check out our Comment of the Day thread. That’s what I do when I need to be reminded why I do this.

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